Rigging Equipment


Cantilevers up to 14 ft with Stacked Beams 1000 Lb Capacity

Cornice Hook

Cornice Hook – 9″ to 32″ Throat 1000 Lb Capacity

Flange Clamp

Flange Clamp For use on Flanges 6″ to 14″ Outreach up to 10″ or Hang From Middle


Outrigger & Dollies, Cantilevers up to 8 ft with 1000 lb Capacity


Parapet Clamps Outreach up to 21″ Throat Opening 6″ to 33″ Capacity to 1500 Lbs

PI Davit Arm

PI Davit Arm Off the Shelf Arms, Mounting Shoes and Tie off Brackets

Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand 1500 Lb. Capacity

Safety Equipment

safety rope

Safety Rope

hold me device

Hold Me Device

protect me rope

Protect Me Rope

body harness

Body Harness

rope grab

Rope Grab



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